Click here for a full film list. Most clips created with After Effects and Photoshop.

Created for AEPDX’s Design Week Portland 2017 event, Draems, I based this piece on a dream I had a long time ago. We were given a list of dream symbols and asked to create a fifteen second to one minute long animation using After Effects. Animated in Photoshop, composited in After Effects.

U is for umbrella, swimming through the rain. I had the honor of animating the letter U for AEPDX's Alphabest! Each animator was assigned a random letter of the alphabet with complete creative freedom to make a fifteen second to one minute long animation. This film premiere during Design Week Portland 2016! Created with Noodler's Ink on watercolor paper, 3x5 notecards, and sculpture wire. Edited in Photoshop CC, composited in After Effects.

Based on Swan Lake, this is the animated companion to this paper sculpture diorama. Assets by carving 300lb Arches watercolor paper Animation created with Adobe Photoshop and After Effects.

At the direction of Happy Trails Animation I created background elements, in-betweening, cleanup animation, and inking for this Telly Award winning Idaho Diabetes Awareness & Prevention commercial.

All animation and rigging for Battle For Wallstreet was created in Unity.

Harry Temkin, co-founder and CEO of the mobile game Battle for Wall Street, explains how the life simulation game works on "Bloomberg West."


3D models modeled in Autodesk Mudbox and Maya, rendered and animated in Maya in collaboration with Jamie McNeill

Get this track on iTunes: Directed by Justin Staggs Director of Photography: Randy Smith Produced by Frenchy Lunning & Beth Van Dam Created in conjunction with MCAD SES 1, June 2010 Production Designers: Brian Unger, Beth Van Dam, and Maxwell Grove Wardrobe Design & Make-up: Rachel Girard &

Werewolf transformation and running effects were animated on paper, finished in Photoshop, then delivered to the director for compositing.

Directed by Justin Staggs Director of Photography: Randy Smith Produced by Moving Walkway Pictures Starring: Matt Arnett & Rebecca Duenow Special thanks to the awesome collaborators and crew: Eric Gerdts, TJ Schwingle, Brian Schroeder, Ben Thompson, Alex Bowes, Joe Harris, John Griese, John Hansen, Frenchy Lunning, Beth Van Dan, Rachel Girard, Madison Russell, Standard Thompson, and whoever loaned us the old truck.

My section was animated in Photoshop, composited in After Effects. Assets are Noodler’s Ink on Arches watercolor paper. Starts at 1:13.

Artful Raven Studio’s third community Exquisite Corpse animation project follows poetry to explore the idea of “Home”. Motion graphics, abstract, 2d, 3d- every style is welcome! In the end, it’s an idea that could not have existed any other way. We hope you enjoy Starlight as much as we did! Poem and Narration Sophya Vidal. Music and Sound Design Jon Clay Project. Artists (in order of work) Neisje Morrell, Tyler Turett, Justin Faciane, Marilyn Zornado, Danie Townsley, Curt Rivadeneira, Aaron Keuter, Lee Alailima-Rose, Rob Bekurhrs, Hannah Viera, Madison Russell, Andy Cunial, Alex Miller. Credits/Title: Sophya Vidal. Special Thanks to Friends, Family, and ASIFA Portland, for all the continued love and support while this wrapped up. It took 2 years but we made it!

My section is the opening dance with the breakdancing ballerina! I was traveling abroad in Tokyo, Japan for work while this collaboration was happening, so I used my iPad as a light table and drew on 3”x5” notecards. I captured the cards with my phone camera, then edited and finalized in After Effects.

20 animators, one epic dance battle. Music: The Floozies - Sunroof Cadillac Biocratic - There For Ya