papercarving small.png

Paper carving is a technique I developed from an effort to conserve paper. My favorite surface to illustrate on is 300lb Arches coldpress watercolor paper, and I often end up with odd sized and shaped scraps. I was dissatisfied with the rough edge that resulted from cutting with an Xacto blade, so I continued carving, shaping, and shaving away until I had relief carved the whole surface. I have continued to explore and develop this process ever since.


I invented the technique of paper carving on this project, a diorama based on the ballet, Swan Lake. A total of forty three #11 Xacto blades were blunted to create this piece, which was assembled in a 16"x20" shadow box. All pieces were scanned before assembly and turned into an animation.


Commissioned by a client who loves flamingos, this 16"x20" paper carving creates the illusion of the relief carved leg disappearing into the watery background.

300lb Arches Coldpress & Noodler's Ink